How to Massage Her Breasts For Intense Pleasure

Posted on May 30, 2023

If the correct touch type is applied, a breast massage may be magnificent. Massaging your breasts tenderly is a friendly approach to delivering extreme pleasure and putting you or your lover into deep relaxation. You don't have to save that orgasm solely for genital stimulation because when aroused, they light up the same portion of the brain as genital stimulation does.

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If stimulated with the proper methods and persistence, the breasts and nipples are an erogenous zone that can cause an orgasm. During foreplay, men must pay attention to their breasts and nipples. However, they frequently act ineffectively and too forcefully. Men may massage women's breasts in an orgasmic manner with some practice and intention.

Here's how a breast massage will make her go crazy.

Creating the ambiance

Setting up the proper conditions before engaging in sexual activity is crucial. Either prepare for a breast massage or be in the mood. Play music, light some mildly scented candles your lover likes, and boost the sex factor in your attire. And relax her with calming music to make her feel at peace. Next, make her feel at ease by chatting and asking how her day was. Then, use fragrant candles or room fresheners to get and massage her attention.

Start slowly and gently

Your sweetheart can freeze or experience discomfort if you get too harsh too quickly. Men frequently make the error of focusing just on strong squeezes and nipple stimulation. Take things slowly and softly massage yourself. Massage your woman's breasts in the shower by coating them with lotion or oil. From behind, gently rub her breasts to get into a pleasant posture.

Add lotion or massage oil to get off to a smooth and slippery start. Your palms should be rubbed in a circular motion all over her breasts. Next, make small, gentle circles with your thumbs around her nipples. Suck her nipples gently with your lips. Then, blow chilly air on her nipples to mildly stimulate them. Gently run your tongue along her nipples. Maintain gentle touches like water and air. Think of soft touches, lovely cupping, and light rubbing.

Suck Her Titties and Lick Them

By spreading whipped cream, melted chocolate, and strawberries over her boobs, you can also attempt to lick and suck her titties and boobs. Lace the breasts with the indulgence of your choice, and then suck and lick the tantalizing treats off them. The breasts' dense network of nerves may be wonderfully stimulated by temperature. Suck on an ice cube to make the lips particularly chilly before kissing and sucking the nipples or run it over them to see them stand to attention.

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Get rough and push yourself harder

You can increase the pressure and tempo by gently playing with her breasts, sucking her, and kissing her to excite her. Squeeze your woman's nipples between your fingers as you ferociously grope her breasts. Gently bite her nipples or the area between her breasts to become more demanding. Be careful while using your teeth to tease her; it should just be for fun, just like Sister Porn.


With the strategies mentioned above, you are now prepared to engage in orgasmic breast massage before indulging in sex. This will not only make her feel excited and cause her pants to leak, but it will also increase her love for you because breast massages can be quite enjoyable for both women and their partners. She will like her route to the massage if you are enthusiastic and keep eye contact during the process.