My Tragic Fuck Buddy Tale: The Dark Side of Fuckbook That People Don’t Tell You

Posted on June 17, 2020

It was late in 2016. A friend of mine was tired of my depressing rants over my downtrodden love life. My lowly state of being was a combined result of a recent breakup (I was dumped) and a six month dry sexual dry spell. I’d been burned on mainstream dating sites like Match, I’d been rejected in bars by girls I didn’t even find that attractive, and I felt much like a leper when I hung with friends as 3rd and 5th and 7th wheels. Then it all changed. My friend introduced me to Fuck Book, a site that would ultimate help me find the legendary fuck buddy.

I took his advice and signed up for FuckBook. Within minutes, I was searching for a fuck buddy. In less than an hour, I had potential sexy fuck buddy girls messaging me back, and some messaging me out of the blue.

This all sounds amazing, right?

How could it not be.

Well, the truth is, it all went wrong. And I’m here to warn people who use Fuckbook to proceed with caution.

Yes, you will probably get laid. But you need to understand what the risks are. Everywhere you look on the Internet, people are raving about getting laid on FuckBook. That’s fair, but leaving out the dark side, in my opinion, is an injustice to all guys who find themselves in desperate waters.

The Breakup - Where The Bad Fuck Buddy Tale Originates

I was 28 when Claire and I met. We’d met while drinking at a bar in the most random way. There were no mutual friends involved. Just me and her falling into shallow conversations.

While smoking, she asked if I wanted to “get out of here.”

I was floored. It was usually me begging girls to come home with me, but in this case, she wanted to get home.

When we got home, we began making out on the couch. She gave me a blowjob while a rerun of Seinfeld played on my TV. I recall my apartment being a bit warm.

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Not all fuck buddy situations end well, as our writer discovers

She was unusual, she didn’t just blow me from a side angle. She stripped me of all my clothes and got down on her knees, removing her top, and gave me a long, heavenly, blowjob.

It was by far the best sexual experience I’d ever come across. I cam in her mouth harder than I’d ever came in my life, that’s for sure. And I was immediately addicted to her unyielding sexuality. She held nothing back.

We both enjoyed boozing it up a few nights a week. For months, she fucked me as if I were the last guy she’d ever know on this earth. She gave me handjobs at group dinners. I tried anal with her for the first time. She even once hired an escort and asked her to watch as she blew me (Claire was blowing, the escort was watching). It was wild.

She often let me video sexual acts. And it got weird, but amazing, fast.

She would film me masturbating while watching porn. She let me film her taking my cum in her mouth.

We rolled play wicked sexual adventures. That was not comfortable for me at first, but I learned to embrace it all.

I was high on a style and frequency of fucking I’d never known. I’d argue that most guys have never and will never know it, either.

Most compelling of all, I am an average slouch. I make lower income. I’m not a college graduate. I’m considerably lacking in social skills.

I think some of that appealed to Claire.

But four months after she’d given me that initial mindblowing blowjob on my couch, she vanished. Over the course of a handful of days, her text messages subsided. The passion was vacant as the Bate’s Motel. I’d send dick pics, she’d tell me to “slow down, at work, talk later.”

Then, the worst part came to be.

I received a text message from Claire showing her being lightly spanked by hand that was not mine. During the video, the guy can be heard saying, “the more you text, the more Claire suffers these spankings.”

Claire’s ass was certainly bright red, but I could see in her face she was enjoying it. She was part of this game. I was now a pawn in her sexual predatory ways.

I never heard from her again.

Weeks went by and I felt nothing but anxiety and anguish. I was cut off from the best sex I’d ever had and to be honest, I liked her. I was emotionally bankrupt.

But it was my friend that pointed out something that should have been obvious to me. Claire wasn’t a girlfriend, she was a fuck buddy. And there’s a huge difference.

And this is how and why my FuckBook journey began. I was convinced I needed to relive my weeks of Claire. I wanted to find another Claire. So I joined Fuckbook in search of the ultimate fuck buddy.

But it turned into a massive disaster.

How My Fuck Buddy Journey Goes Sour

Having a fuck buddy makes all the sense in the world. And even more sense given the best weeks of my life were unintentionally spent with a dick craving fuck buddy.

Once I got over Claire the girlfriend and accepted Claire the slutty fuck buddy, I semi moved on mentally. At least enough to sign up for a free adult dating site called FuckBook.

Yes, we can pretend you’ve never heard of FuckBook. Hell, I truly hadn’t. But it seems most guys have. The entire experience was new to me.

When I first logged on, it was mesmerizing. I wasn’t sure how to feel about all the local girl profiles littering my screen. Very few were super hot, at least not at the level of Claire’s cuteness. But there were a lot of them.

The very first night, I ended up chatting with a 38-year-old girl who told me she was into totally random sex. She professed a fantasy that went as follows:

She shows up to my door. I hand her an envelope with fake money in it. She puts in into her purse. She tells me to undress. She fucks me on top.

She was into prostitute fantasies, which, btw, is super popular on Fuckbook.

As stupid as this sounds, I had to run up to WalMart and buy a monopoly game to get he fake money.

When she arrived, she smelled like an ashtray. She mostly looked like her picture. Her tits were great, but she had pretty chubby thighs. I’m not into the extra pounds, plus she seemed a bit worn.

We did a little small talk. She told me to remove my clothes and said “no kissing.”

The whole time she rode me, she shouted “you deserve this, I know how busy your executive job must be.”


She fucked great. She was OK to look at. The cig smell was gross. I came OK, but not at Claire levels.

Overall, I was fucking a new girl once per week. But, it was nowhere near as easy as Fuckbook claims it to be.

A few of them flaked (said they were on their way over, never showed).

A few did not look much like their photos, so I learned to watch from my window and have them message me from the parking lot of my apartment. If they were unrecognizable, mostly, I just told them to go away.

Overall, I was fucking a new girl once per week. But, it was nowhere near as easy as Fuckbook claims it to be.

It passed time. But I kept on looking.

My New fuck buddy - Claire 2.0

About three weeks in and a handful of sluts under my belt, Claire 2.0 presented herself to me. She was cute with an immediate hint of slut, just like Claire. You could take her to a dinner party and she’d be the sophisticated life of the party, or you could spit in her mouth while jerking off on her medium sized tits.

It was Claire all over again.

The dictionary definition of fuck buddy reads, “a person with whom one has a sexual but not a romantic relationship.”

Allow me to introduce you to Janelle, the very definition of sexual anti-romance and pro-fucking.

Janelle checked all the whore boxes and had the lively, spritzy personality to boot.

She was an immediate influx of Claire sex all over again.

She’d stay the night and when we woke, she’d give me a blowjob. Sometimes at noon on a Saturday, she’d tell me I need to get clean, which was code for shower handjob time. She once sent me to Lowe’s and told me to buy her kneepads. That’s how she operated. She mentally challenged me. My dick was super hard the entire time I was in the checkout line at Lowe’s and for the entire time I was in my car. Janelle was insane with her sexual dominance over me. She even showed up one day as Wonder Woman and we had cosplay sex.

Who the hell even knew that cosplay sex existed? Um, not me. But Janelle did. She knew all the kinks and fetishes.

But she never had any issue submitting, either.

One day, I came home and she was bent over my table. A leather belt that was brand new was laying on the small of her back. There was a note on the table that read “I talked to your neighbor guy this morning. I wondered if he had a nice cock. I promise, it was only for a brief second. Please do what needs to be done but understand the thought was quick to go and right back to your cock.”

fuckbuddy hookup spanking image

With every whip, Janelle, my sexy fuck buddy who’d injected life back into me, cringed. I never thought I could do that.

But it was this event, the climax in Janelle and my sexual fuck buddy experience, that prompted a dark turn.

Its what they never tell you about Fuckbook.

And you need to know.

The Darkside of Fuckbook’s fuck buddy Game

My understanding of how things went bad with fuck buddy Janelle:

A few days after the punishing belt spanking, Janelle, who was somewhat living in my apartment (she was over all the time and had keys), ran into the neighbor girl. The neighbor girl was hot and honestly, out of my league.

Janelle and I worked different schedules. Janelle was home a lot.

The hot neighbor lived with another girl in the apartment that’s wall connected to mine.

She asked Janelle if things were “OK.”

Janelle told her that she’d thought about Ron’s cock “the guy at the center of her spanking” and that I’d whipped her ass with a belt. She expressed that I had good reason and showed her a few of the bruise stripes on her ass.

The neighbor girl was baffled. Janelle was unrelenting in her seriousness over the matter, saying she deserved the spanking.

Janelle was always in her fuck buddy character.

The neighbor told all my other neighbors. She made it clear that Janelle was complicit in the sexual deviance, but it nonetheless exposed me as a guy searching Fuckbook for wild sexual experiences.

Almost all of these neighbors hang out at our local bars. Pretty soon, even my circle of friends knew of my and Janelle’s Fuckbook relationship. Sure, one of my friends recommended it, but most everyone else, including my coworkers, simply did not understand Fuckbook at all.

Some likened it to an escort site. Others assumed I was super desperate (I was, but that’s beside the point). The neighbor girls asked me if I was worried about STDs. One of the neighbor girls told other neighbors how she listened to Janelle’s getting punished.

It was totally insane.

Fuckbook claims to offer a discreet hookup. I get it, I took the fuck buddy relationship farther than Fuckbook probably markets. But still, Fuckbook ruined my reputation in my community and with my employment in short order.

Worse more, losing Janelle was impossible. I craved her, for starters, so I still wanted her over. But I didn’t want neighbors to see her over.

Once she figured out I was uneasy, Janelle Facebook friended anyone I knew. So now she’s permanently connected to me socially.

Claire was as discreet of a sexual partner as you’d ever meet. But Janelle duped me because I trusted Fuckbook.

I take responsibility for my part, of course. I was desperate. The tales of getting laid by local singles easily lured me in. When I began fucking some girls, I became addicted. Once Janelle came into my life, I lost rational perspective. I didn’t know her at all. I never considered the idea that she might be crazy.

Getting Janelle was easy, but losing her was hard. She’d show up at my door and tell me that I need to get my anger out. There were notes reading “use a paddle, I understand” and “grab my hair and fuck my face and explain how I can do better” left under my door.

Today, I’m down and out again. I refuse to use Fuckbook again for fear of another Janelle. Plus, there was only so long I could go fucking 5s and 6s.

None of this is to say Fuckbook isn’t right for your needs. It's only to give you the full story. All I ever see online is praise for Fuckbook. But it's not all rose petals and that’s something you should understand before you join.