The Tight Hole Sex Pleasure

Posted on July 4, 2022

The Tight Hole Sex Pleasure

The painal sex is the hardcore anal sex session where one wants painful moans from the partner as an important sexual desire. Painful anal sex involves tight anal intercourse and the climax feels amazing. Trying with your girlfriend or wife painal sex for the first time can be really painful and you might feel difficult to perform during the initial intercourse stage but when it’s getting comfortable, the pain turns into pleasure but with the same powerful moans.

Painal sex

Why Painal Sex Feels Great?

As defined-this type of sex is anal intercourse which is commonly done in doggy style or missionary position to get extreme stimulation and sensation to your dick and on the other side, your partner gets hard pain and squirts continuously with loud sexy moans. Below are some of the sexual activities which are enjoyed are as follows:

Involvement of Sex Toys During Sex

Give the feel of double penetration to your partner so that she bursts into louder painful moans to satisfy your orgasm. While having anal sex, put a cock toy in her vagina to stimulate her harder for painful sex.

Masturbate Her in The Ass

Trying fingering in her tight hole or using a sex toy ball, inserting in her hole and having intercourse within it to get next level pleasure.

Be Performative in Anal

First, find a comfortable position for the hardcore anal session, start your intercourse slowly, once the penis feels moist and it becomes tighter, it’s time to gear up and fasten your intercourse by holding her ass tightly.

The Ass Slaps

During your tight anal intercourse, it’s time to heat her ass for the best painful moans, slap on her both ass while doing sex, and use sex ropes or strings to beat on her ass.

You can enjoy a lot of homemade painal porn videos on the internet to gain your desired stimulation. At first anal intercourse between the couples usually, it’s harder to insert your dick into the ass, use good quality lube to smoothen the surface of your penis foreskin and her tight hole.

Apply lube during anal intercourse

Applying lube during anal intercourse feels great and the best stimulation to your dick as the surface becomes smooth, through this you can be in action as the lube increase the depth of the intercourse, and you might get deep penetration on your penis as compared to regular vaginal intercourse.

Regular vs. Anal Pleasure

Normal sexual intercourse involves the vagina and the vagina holes keep expanding after certain sexual sessions, so you are not able to enjoy the expected penetration you want during your desired hardcore intercourse, you can switch to painal videos where you can enjoy the best hardcore sex.

Painal videos

The anal sex feels tighter and the intercourse becomes pleasurable, the speed of the intercourse depends upon your partner's sexy moans if the moaning is louder and harder the intercourse automatically turns into high deep-speed sex in the ass to experience the amazing orgasm.

To get even more pleasure, masturbate with a sex toy into her vagina during your painful anal intercourse, and choose the riding position to burst your partner out with a lot of pain that will give you the best sexual pleasure.

The dick riding position is simple, just lay down straight, insert your dick into her hole and relax, intercourse process will be performed by your partner and you will just enjoy watching her busty tits bouncing and her painful moaning.